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Our Travel and Booking Agents' site benefits you each and every time you book

If you are a travel or booking agent you will benefit from booking through our agents' site. You’ll enjoy a 10% lower rate than our standard web prices; a rate that is already £10 less than the rack rate. These exclusive discounts are only available to you, making every booking more rewarding. 

Steps to join

profile.gif#asset:18081Create an individual profile. Please select Travel Agent or Booking Agent (from below) when you are ready to begin - ensure you have the correct information available.

details.gif#asset:18079Fill out your details. Travel agents need to provide a unique branch IATA, ABTA or ATOL number. If you are a travel agent who has entered into a managed branch agreement with an ABTA member, please provide your company registration number and not the ABTA number.

Booking agents must provide your company registration number.

If you have not previously registered with Imperial London Hotels, you will need to complete step 3. However, if an Account already exists for your company you will be added as a user to the existing Account. 

complete.gif#asset:18077New companies only. We will ask for details about your company and once submitted these will be reviewed by the Imperial London Hotels team and approved before you can use the agents site. You will receive your Account activation confirmation via email. 

Please make sure you have read the 3 step process above.

When you are ready to register, select the type of agent you are and ensure you have the correct information available - travel agents need your unique branch IATA, ABTA or ATOL number and booking agents need your company registration number. 

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